Mammon's Music: Literature and Economics in the Age of by Professor Blair Hoxby

By Professor Blair Hoxby

This publication explores what the economic revolution of the 17th century intended to the best poet of the period, John Milton, and the wider literary culture within which he labored. New monetary principles inspired quite a lot of Milton's most famed writings as he and different authors engaged with the commercial discourse of the age, reimagining principles approximately self, group, and empire.

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Coke had summarized these in his report on ‘‘The Case of Monopolies’’ (Darcy v Allen) and in the second and third parts of the Institutes. 47 He contended that, because the Stationers’ privileges were enjoyed by a considerable body of men, they did not qualify as an instance of a public good being driven into private hands. That the ‘‘Mystery and Art of Printing’’ was of ‘‘publike and great Importance’’ was not, as Sandys had said of foreign trade, a reason for throwing it open but a reason for regulating it.

29 Millenarians like Milton’s tutor at Cambridge, Joseph Mede, served as important conduits for these ideas to Puritan reformers. ] . Title page of Sir Francis Bacon’s Instauratio Magna. Vessels of trade or discovery promise to sail past the Pillars of Hercules. ’’ By permission of the Houghton Library, Harvard University. 27 10:01                  companies’ opponents, which stressed not only the benefits of free trade but the potential of wealth to be generated without bound.

Yet to assert that the intellectual labors of authors deserve to be protected under the law as surely as any tradesman’s livelihood and that the reason of an author is dearer than his heart’s-blood is a remarkable claim that goes beyond anything that Coke could have had in mind in his discussion of the monopolist as vir sanguinis. 54 Writers display ‘‘industry’’ and ‘‘diligence’’ when they dedicate themselves to ‘‘studious labours’’ like the ‘‘labour of bookwriting’’(CPW :–, ). To ‘‘seek for wisdom as for hidd’n treasures’’ means to perform ‘‘the hardest labour in the deep mines of knowledge’’ (CPW :).

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