Art Saves: Stories, Inspiration and Prompts Sharing the by Jenny Doh

By Jenny Doh

Within paintings Saves, adventure the tales of 20 artists who stumbled on that inventive expression and the inventive method is worthy residing for. no matter if you're a calligraphy/graffiti artist like Lisa Engelbrecht, a steel artist like Michael DeMeng, or electronic college artist like Susan Tuttle, paintings has a manner of providing you with good looks, which means, non secular richness, community...even salvation.

The tales during this booklet come from each medium, as the energy of the artistic method are available everywhere.

Hear from:

Drew Emborsky, a crochet artist, offers convenience via his creations via donating his paintings to hospitals and shelters.
Rebecca Sower places craft materials—and hope—into the fingers of Haitian ladies via Haiti by way of Hand.
Marie French who, via artwork, creates own miracles of healing.
Suzi Blu, who came upon the genuine, healing impression of art-making, exhibits you several basic, potent methods you could supply again.

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